People are always looking for ways to stretch their entertainment dollar.  With the rising cost of food, gasoline, restaurants, and just about everything, increasing numbers of us are finding it more affordable to do more and more things right in their own home; and no one wants to go out and fight city traffic unless they absolutely have to.  From "Pay-per-view" movies to personal services for everything imaginable that can be ordered off of the Internet with a click of the mouse, the market for in-home services is growing by leaps and bounds everyday.

Enter, The House Chef ®, an innovative new company whose primary goal is "To make In-home Private Chef services available to EVERYONE".  Our business plan is to take dinner party Hosts and Hostesses out of the kitchen and place them front-and-center with their guests so they can enjoy the evening without having to worry about what's going on in the kitchen.

Incorporated in 2010 as Use What You've Got, LLC by former and occasionally still, Software Engineer and budding entrepreneur Robert Brunet, and doing business as The House Chef ® of Colorado Springs, Mr. Brunet has developed this business in just one year and has provided in-home dining services to over 500 homes in Southern Colorado.  That represents more than 4,000 people who've enjoyed dinners from The House Chef ®. In our First Year!  We've also received dozens and dozens of customer testimonials about the quality of our food and service and just how much our customers enjoyed having The House Chef ® in their homes.  Why?  Because we're The House Chef ®, "We come to your house and cook dinner."

We now have 4 Chefs on staff and are serving an average of 10 - 20 dinners per week.  We are currently advertising regularly in the Women's Edition magazine and occasionally in the Colorado Springs Independent and featured vendors in both the Colorado Springs Fall Home Show in September of 2011 and the Women's Living Expo in October of 2011.  We've had several stories published in the Colorado Springs Gazette newspaper and have appeared several times on Mrs. Teresa Farney's (Food Editor of The Gazette) Saturday radio talk show on KVOR AM740.  News First 5 KOAA, the local NBC affiliate station has also run a televised story about The House Chef ® of Colorado Springs.

So how many times have you seen someone with a brilliant flash of entrepreneurial inspiration who's come up with a great idea and said to yourself, "Why didn't I think of that?".  The House Chef is one of those ideas and now you can help that idea grow and become what we believe it can truly be... a nationally recognized chain of franchises with one goal in mind: "To make In-Home Private Chef services available to everyone."  McDonalds did it one hamburger at a time; Microsoft did it, one PC at a time.  They started with an idea that everyone could use and made it available at a price everyone could afford.

How can we do it?  Well that's where you come in.  U.W.Y.G., LLC of Colorado Springs, CO is wholly owned and operated by Robert Brunet, formerly of New Orleans, Louisiana and recently, as of 2005, living in Southern Colorado.  Mr. Brunet is currently seeking, investors, potential partners, white knights, fairy godmothers, and givers of free advice; good or bad, to help take this business to the next level.  We are already in talks with several franchise marketing organizations to seek advice on guidelines and objectives that must be met to become a viable franchise organization but all of these activities cost money.

Mr. Brunet has invested much of his own savings and all of his blood, sweat, and tears into this business over the past year and a half and has taken no personal salary or income from the business since its startup.  Fact is, because of our low overhead, The House Chef ® has been paying for itself nearly the entire time its been in operation.  Be that as it may, for this idea, this dream, this enterprise to reach the next level, we need you're help.

We need to formalize business plans, develop and order more targeted advertising, solidify our operational and employee procedures.  There's a million things it takes to create a successful business and it can only be done with a team of individuals committed to the success of the organization.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in speaking with Mr. Brunet about his vision for this business opportunity and would like to become an investor, advisor, team mate, or partner, silent or otherwise, please call (719) 964-0234 or email  We'd like meet with you to hear your thoughts; good, bad, or indifferent.

Thanks for your interest and support.

Chef Robert Brunet
The House Chef ® of Colorado Springs