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"BB" Brunet
Chef Robert "BB" Brunet was born in 1959 in Houma, Louisiana, the heart of Louisiana Cajun country.  The 10th of 13 children born to Maurice and Pearl Brunet, Chef BB was raised on southern Louisiana favorites including Gumbo, Etouffee, Red Beans & Rice and Jambalaya.  Many of these staple dishes, Chef BB learned to cook from watching his mother and five sisters.  He's also spent the last 30 years cooking in his own home for himself, his wife, and three children.

In 2005, Chef BB relocated his family to southern Colorado after hurricane Katrina "remodeled" his home just outside of New Orleans.  Since then, he's shared his favorite dishes with friends and business associates.  In 2010, he founded The House Chef ® of Colorado Springs and has since personally prepared and served over 700 meal throughout the Colorado Springs and South Denver area.

Now you can experience authentic Southern Louisiana comfort food in your own home from Chef BB Brunet, The House Chef ® of Colorado Springs.

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